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Providing Events Medical Services


First Aid during sporting events

Concussions, Sprains, Fractures, Lacerations, Weather Related Emergencies and more...


Who We Are: Our events medical staff are licensed and certified EMT's, Professional Firefighters and a Paramedic and they are top notch in their field.

What We Do: Medical Standbys for sports We provide medical and first aid services for public and private events. We are CPR Certified, First Aid Certified and BLS (Basic Life Support) Certified.


We are trained to detect more serious emergencies and activate the 911 System for a RAPID Transport. Our goal is to provide your participants the best possible care.

Peace Of Mind: Although you most likely have insurance to cover any potential liabilities, we are FULLY insured.

Logo for our company - Events Medical Services
Dad and Son Paramedic and EMT providing Medical Standbys

Best of the Best

The Dad - Forty plus years in Emergency Medical Services. Currently licensed as a Paramedic, recently retired Fire Battalion Chief.

The Son - Over two years as an active EMT and over a year as a firefighter - Employed by two ambulance companies and a seasonal with a fire department currently working on the ambulance.

The Daughter - Recently passed her National Registry for EMT! Congratulations!

Evaluate and Treat

Sling, Bandage and provide first aid

Clean, Bandage, Splint

medical supplies

When the need arises, rapid activation of 911

Ambulance transport to a hospital

Boggs 8hr Race

Our first official standby for Bike Monkey


- Sports Standbys (not limited to): 

  • Bike Events

  • Football 

  • Baseball

  • Basketball 

  • Gymnastics & Cheer Competition

  • Hockey

  • LaCrosse

  • Soccer  

  • Softball

  • Swimming & Diving

  • Volleyball


- Other Events

  • Community Events

  • School Events

  • Corporate Events

  • Fairs

  • Graduations


Extreme Mountain Biking
Why Choose Us?
Events Medical Services Flyer
Because We Care
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